Direct sales to Wholesale and Commercial Customers Only.       All Recreational Crabbing Sales Please Visit Your Local Tackle Shop Through Where to Buy

Direct sales to Wholesale and Commercial Customers Only.
All Recreational Crabbing Sales Please Visit Your Local Tackle Shop Through Where to Buy

Pro Crabbers

Professional Crabbers

Crab’n Gear was born from the advent of professional crabbing starting out, like most businesses, in the garage under the house. For more than 20 years it has grown alongside the professional crabbing industry through its many ups and downs.

We continue to grow and innovate our product range to ensure the pro crabber has all the tools and equipment to do their job.

Crab’n Gear do not sell our products directly to recreational crabbers  but we happily service licensed professional crabbers throughout Australia. Crab’n Gear was born from and by professional crabbers and will continue to stand by them now and into the future.

Professional crabbers can purchase all of the Crab’n Gear range of products including the Crab’n Gear TS5 range as well as request custom designed and made gear.  

TS5 stands for Three Sixty Five, as we set out to make a pot that is water ready, catches and holds crab well, is legally compliant in QLD and can withstand the rigours of the harsh crabbing environment Three Hundred and Sixty Five Days a year. 

The TS5 pots are designed around our tried and tested Crab’n Gear pot with the following additional features:

Pre-Installed Escape Vent

To make your job easier either a single 120 x 50mm or two 75 x 60mm vents are zip tied securely to the bottom ring and the surrounding mesh. The vents are made 2mm wider on both sides to ensure that they are compliant.

Wear Pad

For pots that have the 120 x 50mm vents installed a 200 x 210 mm wear pad is installed under the vent to reduce wear on the pot mesh from crabs trying to push their way through the vent.

Wire Funnel Ropes

Instead of using traditional braided rope we have stepped the funnel rope up using 304 stainless steel, 7 x 7 strand, 1.5mm wire rope, double crimped that is covered in a clear plastic coating taking the OD to 3mm. One of the challenges with using wire rope in funnels is that they weren’t adjustable, so as the mesh stretches etc over time the pro crabber had to install a new wire rope or find other means to tighten the funnel up. After much thought and experimentation we devised the ‘Jinker’ , a small piece of bent stainless that can be used to wind up or down the tension on the funnel rope very easily while on the water.

Bait Bag

We have beefed up the mesh used in our TS5 pots to 40mm code end. The reduction in the mesh diameter means that if some of the denier or strands are broken during a soak the crab will not be able to take all of the bait out of the bag (like they can do with a 55mm mesh) so the crabs will continue to come into the pot throughout the soak. The added thickness and mechanical strength of the codend provides a longer life for the bait bag and less work for the crabber.

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