Direct sales to Wholesale and Commercial Customers Only.       All Recreational Crabbing Sales Please Visit Your Local Tackle Shop Through Where to Buy

Direct sales to Wholesale and Commercial Customers Only.
All Recreational Crabbing Sales Please Visit Your Local Tackle Shop Through Where to Buy

Crab’n Accessories

Bait Holders

These bait holders are designed to enhance your crab-catching experience, ensuring that the bait remains secure and enticing to the crabs therefore preventing them from escaping the pot prematurely. Choose the option that best suits your needs and enjoy a successful crabbing adventure.

Bait Bag

Our 35cm long by 15cm diameter black 30 ply 55mm mesh bag is an excellent choice for holding a wide variety of bait, including medium-sized reef frames and heads. With one end closed and the other open, it allows crabs to slowly consume the bait without devouring it too quickly. Equipped with stainless steel hooks on both ends, it can be easily attached to the ring or mesh of the pot, either across the bottom or from top to bottom.

Bait Ezy

As the name suggests, this product simplifies the baiting process for your crab pots. It consists of a small plastic cage with a base plate that is placed on the outside of the pot’s bottom. By inserting the pin through the mesh and into the hole at the center of the cage’s base, you can securely attach it to your pot. The lid, equipped with a lanyard, remains connected to the base and easily clips on once you’ve filled it with your preferred bait. Made from durable plastic, it can withstand the persistence of even the largest mud crabs. The small holes in the cage allow for a wide variety of bait options, such as pillies on Spanner crab trays, prawn heads for crabs, or cat and chicken food for redclaw. The height of the bait cage ensures that water runs through the bait, enhancing its effectiveness compared to traditional “gutter guard” bait holders.

Bait Clip

Crafted from stainless steel, our bait clip is specifically designed for use with fish frames. Simply thread the frames onto the clip and hang it from the top of the pot. This method provides an ideal solution for utilizing fish frames as bait.

Escape Vents

Escape vents are an apparatus that are compulsory in commercial mud crab pots in Queensland, but their use in recreational pots is also encouraged. The vents enable sub-legal sized mud crabs and fish to escape the pot, making it easier for crabbers to sort their catch and reducing the risk of overcrowded crabs injuring each other.

Crab’n Gear TS5 pots that are available to Licensed Professional crabbers have the vents pre installed, with an oyster mesh pad underneath the vent to reduce rubbing. There are three different size vents that are legal in Queensland waters all of which must be attached to the bottom ring of the pot and are made from 3mm tumbled aluminium.

120 x 50mm rectangle

120 x 50mm rectangle

105mm diameter round

105mm diameter round

75 x 60mm square

75 x 60mm square - 2 required per pot

Pot Tags

Pot tags are an essential accessory whether you are crabbing for muddies, sandies, spanner crab or redclaw in Queensland. 

In Queensland a pot or dilly must have a tag attached with the surname and address (number, street, town, state and postcode) of the person using the pot/dilly – this information must be clearly visible, legible and in English.

Pot tags are not required in NSW

3 Way Crab Measure – QLD

Made from strong 2mm aluminium Crab’n Gear’s 3 way measure is the one everyone is trying to imitate. Laser cut to ensure 100% accuracy the measure has three cut outs to measure Mud Crabs 15cm min, Blue Swimmer 11.5cm min and Spanner Crabs 10cm min. There is a hole in the corner to tether the measure to something and a handy bottle opener to keep you refreshed. 

We do not market a NSW version as NSW DPI give away crab measurers for free at tackle shops funded through fish licensing.

Pot Spreader

One of the greatest inventions since sliced bread, the Crab’n Gear Pot Spreader makes it very easy to set up and collapse crab pots without having to turn yourself inside out.

Good quality pots are reasonably tightly strung. This keeps the funnels and most importantly the entrances tight so that the pot not only catches crabs, but holds them as well. As a result the pot legs need to only ‘just’ fit between the two rings. Our pot spreader is a simple two piece apparatus made from stainless steel that allows you to use leverage to make spreading the pot wide enough to insert the legs childs play. Simply stand the pot up on its end with the top of the pot closest to you, put the U shaped end of the shorter handle on the top ring (ring closest to you) and the U shaped end of the longer handle on the bottom ring. The end of the longer handle will be on an angle. By pulling it down you will stretch the rings apart from each other. When it is wide enough using your other hand swing the top of the leg into place and release the pressure on the handle! And you’re done! Note there is a bolt through the centre of the handles that can be moved between the two pre-drilled holes that allows you to change the length of the handles to suit different pot leg lengths. Once you’re ready to pull you pot down, put the pot the other way around with the top of the pot away from you to make the legs easier to fold down.

Crab Hands

Crab hands are a safe, efficient and easy way to pick up crabs. Great for beginners, kids and those of us who aren’t quite as quick as we used to be to pick up crabs for sorting, measuring and tying. The triangle apparatus on the end of the tong like handles is designed to be placed over the carapace of a mud crab. It works most effectively from behind the crab so that your hands are always a safe distance from the crab. Made from stainless steel they are a great addition to any crabbing kit.

Grapple Hooks – Small Stainless

Grapple hooks can be used to retrieve crab pot ropes at a distance. They are very effective when your boat has high sides or if the weather is rough. They have been made popular by TV shows such as Aussie Lobstermen who use them regularly

Shark Clips

Made from 304 stainless steel, our shark clips have multiple uses in crabbing. Many crabbers use them to attach their ropes to either the frame of the pot or a loop attached to the float. The U shaped end of the clip provides a strong attachment mechanism that enables the crabber to quickly and securely attach the rope and then remove it for easy storage. 

Replacement Pot Legs

While we have almost no problems with the legs on our Crab’n Gear pots the legs on other cheaper pots will often fall off or crack and break. We don’t want you to have to throw the pot out so are happy to sell them via our retailer network.

Replacement Spanner Tray Mesh

Spanner crabbing is a great pastime and the meat of them is well regarded around the world. However the spanner crabs live in an unforgiving environment and it is not uncommon for a shark, turtle, ray or other animal to attack the bait on the pot often tearing the mesh. Small tears can be easily repaired but sometimes the whole mesh needs to be replaced. The mesh is cut into a 1m x 1m square that will fit onto Crab’n Gear’s Spanner Trays. It is a 210 x 6 x 1 ¼ white mesh that is tailored to the specific needs of catching spanner crabs.


Truckers Caps

If you want to look stylish and be sun smart the Crab’n Gear Truckers cap is the way to go!

Yobbo Hats

The ever popular Yobbo Hat is available in three colours, Cream, Black and Kahki with the Crab’n Gear logo embroidered onto the front of this one size fits all hats.

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