Pup Design

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Pup Pot
Pup Pot
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Pup Pot Folded
Pup Pot Folded
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The term Pup is short for Pop Up

The Pup Pot is an Australian Design which can be operated by the youngest to the oldest Crabber.

These Pots have hot dipped galv steel with 316 stainless door hooks.

The net we use is 30 Ply 55mm Mesh.

We can supply sizes 1000, 900, 800 & 600 size pots with either 12mm or 10mm steel.

The 600 size pot has 8mm steel.

900 size pot comes with 42 Ply bait bag sewn into base of pot.

Bait Bags can be sewn in base of all pots if required.



Pup Pot

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Size                   Price             Qty Price- (when purchasing 4 or more)

1000mm           $87.00           $84.00

900mm             $79.00           $75.00

800mm             $74.00           $71.00

600mm             $62.00