New Factory

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New Factory is on the corner of Burwood Terrace & Huntington st Clontarf only 100 meters down the road from old factory.

We now have a better retail area so come in & have a look. 



Welcome Crab n Gear

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CRAB N GEAR has been a driving force in the design and manufacturer of crab pots and apparatus for over 20 years within the commercial and recreational sector. Our products are producing what is known as one of the most practical, durable and high yielding crab pots and dillies available.

HIGH YIELDING: A term used to describe the catch performance rate of a crab pot or apparatus, by its ability to retain. A good crab pot will retain crabs of both gender & size. This combination is yield and different areas produce different yields at different times (knowledge). Experience is the passage to knowledge. Both of which are the bases of creating the design we currently sell. Using the right crab pot will increase your knowledge from higher yielding experience more consistently.
PRACTICAL: The crab pots are made for a purpose with consideration given to all facets of crabbing. Given the numerous designs of boats + set ups, our range of pots are made to suit all of them from the smallest to the largest.
DURABLE: 10mm hot dip galvanized steel, 380den x 27 ply x 55 mm mesh, 25mm poly pipe, this design has been made to suit every type of commercial & recreational fisher style of fishing.
VERSATILE & REPAIRABLE: Crabbers enjoy having a pot that is versatile and functional. Being able to repair on the run with a piece of fishing line and being able to use it for both mud crabs and sandies.
SIZE OF POTS: There are various sizes & styles available - 800mm for the smaller boats in estuary use - 900mm for the commercial mud crab fishery - 1 meter for onshore sand crab fishery - 1.3 meter mainly for the offshore sand crab fishery and every size pot can have a chafing rope or ropes Choose a pot based on need not greed.
UPRIGHTS: They are either attached or detachable depending on the number of pots used i.e. for the recreational fisherman -
DESIGN OF POTS:  We can manufacture a vast range of designs of crab pots. Anything from 1 funnel to four funnel or 4 entry design Depending on your requirements. The four funnel / entry pot is predominantly requested as current direction may change with the rise and fall of the tide. The two funnel pot is excellent where the current definitely runs in the opposite direction at the turn of the tide & is also excellent for keeping the pot from filling with Jelly Fish.
ACCESSORIES: ropes, floats, shark clips, *chafing ropes, bait pins and bags, and id tags are all available to enhance, simplify and keep the exercise of crabbing legal and enjoyable. * chafing ropes are protection for the net from rubbing on the boat, sea bed etc
SPANNER CRAB DILLIES:  Not a lot is known to the recreational sector about this species of crab. The spanner crab dilly is one of the legal form of apparatus to be used. There is criteria surrounding the dilly, but even this criteria leaves room for variation.