Question: What is a chaffing rope?
Answer: A chaffing rope is: an anti wear rope which is threaded around the steel to help prevent the net wearing between 2 surfaces, i.e. the seabed and the steel ring, or the steel ring and the boat etc.

Question: What is a shark clip?
Answer: A shark clip is: an easy attachment device for joining and separating 2 pieces of rope; i.e. separating the floats from the pot rope or the float and rope from the pot.

Question: What is a repair kit?
Answer: A repair kit is: a few essential items to help you; repair a hole, lace small holes, put on a new tag if you loose one, or cover a large hole, stuff to keep you crabbing until you can get them repaired properly.

Question: What is the difference; between galvanized and zinc annealed steel?
Answer: The difference between galvanized and zinc annealed; very subtle in appearance, however zinc has fine straight lines to being very smooth and shinny, whereas the galvanized is coarse and on occasion has lumps. The life expectancy of zinc is up to 1 month before rust appears with mild use. HOT DIP galvanized steel will last in excess of three years with heavy use. The thing about HOT DIP (and always ask the question "is this hot dip galvanized steel") galvanized steel is the galvanize is applied and forms a coating on the steel, and it seals it and sticks to it like sh.t to a blanket, and unless you break/ crack it by bending, bashing or twisting it should remain in tact for many years.
Question: What is the difference in the sizes?

Answer: Size is relative to safety, never believe that bigger is best; knowledge is better and help you catch more safely. So never buy a pot that is to big in comparison to the size of the boat or your abilities to use it.

Question: Why have 2 float system?
Answer: The 2 float system is to reduce pot movement caused by water pressure, and to allow one float to stay on the surface and you don't think it is lost or stolen. The second and larger float is also sacrificial if it is run over by a boat and is cut off; the other smaller float will rise on the ebb of the tide.

Question: Why not sink a pot?
Answer: To sink your pot is really to trust the principle of no one else using that spot for the period of time you leave yours there. There are very few people who will put yours back if they lift it by accident and if they did put it back will it be in the same spot you left it.

Question: Why pay a high price for a crab pot?
Answer: A high price is: the result of the number of times you use a pot to the number of crabs you catch by the number of times you replace the pot. This means you pay $20 for a pot use it 10 times and catch 5 crabs is not too bad, but if you have to buy a new one every year, you are losing. If you have a design of pot that that you keep for several years, because the place you bought showed you how; you can add knowledge to your purchase, plus if you are able to remain consistent with the design, you are able to learn more about the species, habitat and local knowledge. So it is up to the consumer, a quality pot that they can use consistently to gain more knowledge for continuous catch, or a cheap pot designed by thought and not practice.

Question: Why not leave your pot over night?
Answer: Leaving your pots overnight is not necessary to have good yields, putting fresh bait into a known crab habitat just before daylight will produce far more and easier than the stress and worry of leaving the pot soak 24hrs.

Question: What are detachable uprights?
Answer: Detachable uprights are for the person who has limited space and the thickness of the uprights is an issue, so they containerize the uprights ready for use.