Fisheries Queensland Video

Fri, 27 Jul 2012 11:01:36 AEST by crabngear, 32008 views
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Catching Crayfish,Lobster in QLD

Sat, 04 Aug 2012 12:23:00 AEST by crabngear, 31929 views

We Have been contacted by a number of crabbers to manufacture pots to catch Crayfish & Lobster in Qld.

We have been in contact with Fisheries Queensland for a ruling on this & have had the responce below.

By defn Crab apparatus is for taking/trapping of crabs only can't use to take lobster/fish.

This may not be obvious on first look at Regs ...but is intended to stop fishers turning a crab pot into a fish trap.

Lobster may ony be taken by hand or spear etc...unless u are lucky enough to jag one on a line.


crab pot means fishing apparatus consisting of a cage with a round opening in the top, or an elongated opening (parallel to the base) in the side, for trapping crabs.

There are bag/boat limits for Troical Rock Lobster in the far north - north of 14 degress (near PCB) 3 per person / 6 per boat

South of PCB it is 5 per person / 10 per boat

Painted Crayfish (Ornate lobster) Size limit is 11.5 cm tail & 9 cm carapace length & applies to all Qld waters.


Crab'n Gear hopes this has answered the questions which has been put to us.